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How to Trim Video and Combine Video Clips into One?

iShareSoftware Video Editor enables you to make professional-looking home movies in minutes. Trimming videos is one of the useful features to edit videos, which can remove the unwanted parts as a video shortener by trimming the unwanted part and combining the left clips together, trim a long video into several small segments for convenient sharing or watching. Below lists both video tutorial and detailed steps for you to trim a video.

Step 1 Launch iShareSoftware Video Editor, then click the Trim button to get the Trimming window.


Situation 1: Trim the end or the start of the video. 

If you want to trim the video from the beginning or the end of the video,  you can move your mouse on the time slider and the Trim video - pencil icon icon will appear, click it to write the exact time you want to trim), then click the Cut button to cut the video into two parts.


Select the unwanted part you want to trim, and click the Delete button and then the Save button to proceed.


Situation 2: Cut the middle of the video.

 If you need to cut a section in the middle of the video, drag the slider to the start point of the unwanted part and click the Cut button, then drag the slider to the end point of the unwanted part and click the Cut button, press the Delete button to remove the selected part. After that, click the Save button to reserve the operation.


Situation 3: Cut the unwanted part of one video. 

If you want to delete one segment and combine the left segments into one file, choose unnecessary segment and click Delete. Then check the option Merge into one file and click Save to confirm.


Situation 4: Trim a long video into several clips. 

If you want to trim one long video into several small segments, you can drag the time slider to the place you want to trim and click the Cut to confirm, loop the steps to cut the segments. The video will be divided into several segments (here take 5 segments for example) correspondingly as the screenshot shows. If you just want to trim the video to 5 segments, click the Save button to proceed.


You’ll see 5 video clips in the primary interface, each one named with the segment number.


Note: Click the + or – button would zoom in or zoom out the time interval, which helps you to located the trimming place more precisely.


Situation 5: Rearrange the clip position. 

After subdividing a long video, you can rearrange the clip positions. To do that, select a clip and then drag it into a new area on the Clips pane. Drop it into an empty space or between two clips. The other videos will automatically move. To merge them, click the Merge into one file checkbox and click the OK to save your new settings.


Step 2 Save trimmed video.

Now click the drop-down button beside Output Format: to select the format for the edited video and click Save to proceed.


When the save process ends, you'll see the edited video under the Finished tab.

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  • Rotate/crop video, customize the frame size (16:9, 4:3 etc.) and cut off black margins.
  • Add image/text watermarks to video for copyright protection.
  • Add SRT, SSA, ASS format text subtitles to the video to better explain.
  • Abundant video effects such as holiday, wedding, retro, vintage, TV wall, etc., support one-click application.