Convert HD Video to MP4

In order to access that video file on our device, we need to convert it into another file type, which is supported by our device. Let us make you know why we need to convert HD video to MP4.

2 Ways to Convert HD Video to MP4

It happens with all of us that when we try to watch a movie or any other video on our smartphone, it does not work. Sometimes, the video gets played, but its audio does not work. This is because of the reason that our device, whether it is a phone, a tablet, or any other media streamer, does not support the file type. In order to access that video file on our device, we need to convert it into another file type, which is supported by our device. Let us make you know why we need to convert HD video to MP4.

Part 1. Why we need to convert HD video to MP4.

  • Nowadays, most of the files on the Internet come in HD format. No doubt that we enjoy watching videos with much clarity, but what if they are not supported on the device we want to see. To make these files compatible with our portable devices, we need to convert them into MP4 format.

  • It is common that the video which we like, we want to show it to others, and for that, we upload that video on various social media platforms or on YouTube. In the case we try to upload an HD file, it consumes more MB and, thus, costs us more. In contrast, an MP4 file consumes less MB and is easily uploaded.

  • HD video is big in size as compared to MP4. Due to this, it consumes more space. Thus, we need to convert HD files to MP4. It enables us to store more files on our device, and also due to less consumption of space, our device’s processing is not affected.

Thus, to reduce that cost, we need to convert that HD video to MP4.

Part 2. Top 2 HD to MP4 converters.

However, you will get plenty of HD video converters when you search on the Internet. But, here we are going to tell you about the top two video converters which you can use for converting HD files to MP4 format.

1. iShareSoftware Video Converter

It is one of the best video converters that you can use. It can handle a great number of audio and video files. It's simple, but the stylish interface is extremely straightforward and represents every feature clearly. You just need to point and click some options for converting your video to another format. Even the new users can learn to use it within minutes. With 30X conversion speed, it ensures to provide you the fast and quick conversion for your favorite movies or videos. When it comes to the quality that a video has after conversion, Wondershare stands at the top to retain the high quality.


  • Along with supporting a great number of video formats, it also provides you impressive editing tools.

  • It is available for free of cost.

  • Its simple interface is extremely easy to use.


  • There are some limitations in its batch converting feature.

2. Xilisoft Video Converter

It is a perfect converter which can convert about 160 audio and video formats. It supports full HD videos and converts them into the desired format. It is equipped with the latest technology of HD video conversion and can easily convert various HD video formats to other formats. When you convert HD files using Xilisoft, you don’t need to care about its time. It is powered by AMD APP technology and NVIDIA CUDA technology, which enable this software to provide improved conversion performance. Xilisoft aims at maintaining the quality of the video even after it is converted to an MP4 file. No doubt that the video will lose its original quality, but Xilisoft tries to retain its quality to the maximum level.

Xilisoft is available in three different packs, which users can choose according to their wishes. It is available at a rate of $41.97 and around.


  • Supports many, but not all video formats.

  • Easy to use.

  • Can convert the video to 3D footage.


  • Weak customer support.

Conclusion: All the two video converters have their own features, but iShareSoftware Video Converter is the best among the two, for a number of reasons. Its super-fast speed, which is 30 times faster than the other converters, makes it stand above all. It supports 4K and 3D formats, offers many additional editing functions that other video converters do not support. Thus, it is the best video converter that you will get free of cost.

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iShareSoftware Video Converter

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